Division of Air Compressor

TUO Myanmar co-works with many reliable manufacturers from all over the world and supplies various types of air compressors for customers in Myanmar, ranging from small sized piston air compressor (2~20HP) to medium, large sized screw air compressor (10~280HP), PET oil-free air compressor for the industries like pharmaceutical, food, textile, petrochemical, chemical a, high-tech electronics.

The major air compressor manufacturers TUO Myanmar is working with are Meiji Air Compressor MFG. LTD. from Japan, Good Air Compressor from Taiwan, Sullair Corp. from the USA and ABC Compressor of Spain, we hope to bring the factories in Myanmar with wider product and prompt on-site maintenance service to fit their own demand. Considering present production environment in Myanmar, not only can we provide an improvement proposal to customer's factory, but also we are able to offer a solution to optimize customers' unique conditions for better efficiency.

The air compressor models TUO Myanmar provides are:

  1. Basic Air Compressor : 2-20 HP( Piston type, Meiji Air Compressor, Made in Japan)
  2. SullAir Compressor, 25-150 HP (Rotary Screw Compressor)
  3. Good-Air Economic model, 10-280 HP (Rotary Screw Compressor)
  4. ABC oil-free air compressor 30-40Bar
  5. Air Compressed cold dryers, Separator, Air Container.
  6. Air pressure spray gun.
  7. Accessories like Dryer, Filter, Nitrogen machine etc.

Contacts :

Mr. Alex Wang (Chinese, English)
0925 445 1586, 0997 611 6980
(Chineses and English)
0996 511 6980
(Chineses and Myanmar)